Patagonia Experience

Come and visit our winery and wine tasting in Bodega Humberto Canale. We offer guided tours every day and specially designed trips so that you can feel the experience of living Patagonia: trekking in the vineyards, take part in the harvest, soft rafting in the river and many more activities. Contact us

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Daily Tours

Come to know the winery and the vineyards with our specialists and taste our wines.

Tour of the winery where you will see each stage of the wine making.
At the end of the tour, you will taste an exclusive selection of wines, exploring the different aromas, flavors and textures.

Visiting Hours:
From Monday to Friday from 9 to 17hs. Guided Visits: 10 hs and 15 hs.
Saturday: 10 hs.
Saturday afternoon. Sunday and holidays , only with reservation (Minimum groups of 8 people)

The value of the visit is $100 per person, if purchases are made in the winery, this amount will be deducted

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Scheduled Tours

Come to live the real experience of the Valley of Rio Negro in Patagonia Argentina.

Full Day Tours:
Visit the winery, vineyards and farms with fruit trees.
Soft rafting in the river and wine tasting in “Valle de la Luna Rojo”
Sport option: Trekking, biking or running tour.
Two-Day Tours with all the activities.
All the tours are accompanied by an exclusive tasting of our wines and local gastronomic food.
Ask for more information on upcoming outings:

Se requiere reserva previa.
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bodega humberto canale

Have Lunch
In the Vineyard

Pre-booking required.

bodega humberto canale

Other activities

Other activities.

Training for gastronomic staff and individuals, organized and scheduled by the winery with prior registration.
Duration: Two days with total hourly load of 6 hours. Theoretical and practical classes.

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Corporate Events

SPECIAL EVENTS We want to be part of your special day! Humberto Canale winery is available to celebrate weddings, parties, birthdays, social events and corporate events.

The natural environment, the experience and service of our team, will allow you to create a pleasant climate for your working day or your incentive trip at any time of the year.
Our tourism department designs special programs so that they can enjoy an environment with a very good cuisine and excellent wines.

How to get here

Chacra 186 General Roca. Rio Negro Province. Patagonia Argentina

We are 10 km from the city of General Roca and less than 50 km from the city of Neuquén.

Tel.: + 54 (0298) 4430415 • 4430882
Mobile: 02984219592 • 0298 44530979