Sparkling Wines

bodega humberto canale

Humberto Canale Sparkling

Attractive sparkling wine, fresh and fruity with elegant and persistent bubbles that is made from a careful selection of the most emblematic varieties of our winery.

Humberto Canale
Extra Brut

Humberto Canale
Sweet Rose

bodega humberto canale

Humberto Canale
Extra Brut

Composition: 50% Semillon, 30% Pinot Noir, 10% Sauvignon Blanc and 10% Merlot.

Origin: Own vineyards in General Roca, Upper Valley of Rio Negro, Patagonia.

Harvest: Last week of February, Manual in small containers of 20 Kgs.

Yield: 8,000 Kgs/hectare.

Elaboration: The grapes arrive at the winery in good sanitary condition, with an optimal degree of maturation. It is stemmed and then the liquid phase is separated from the solids by means of a pneumatic pressing process. The liquid obtained is transferred to vessels of 9,000 liters of capacity where the alcoholic fermentation begins. During each day over a period of approximately 15 days, two daily temperature shots are carried out, – which must remain between 15 ° and 17 °. Once the first alcoholic fermentation is finished, the base wine is racked to other vessels to be clarified and stabilized before the sparkles or second fermentation that is made in stainless steel tanks (Charmat method). After the second fermentation, the sparkling wine is in contact with the lees
for 2 months to favor complexity and volume of mouth.

Save: 3 years.

Tasting notes: Attractive pale yellow color with green reflections, elegant and persistent bubbles. Delicate aroma of fresh fruits such as peach and pineapple in harmonious balance with those generated by contact with yeasts (fresh bread). Fresh, fruity taste of great balance and structure. Harmonic and round end of mouth.

Pairing: Seafood from the Patagonian Atlantic coast, appetizers and cold snacks.

Service temperature: 8 °c

Technical Data:
Alcohol: 12.6 Vol
Total acidity: 6.00 gr/L
Residual Sugar: 5.85 gr/L
PH: 3.3

bodega humberto canale

Humberto Canale
Sparkling Sweet Rose

Composition: Blend: 52% Semillon, 36% Chardonnay, 12% Pinot Noir.

Origin: Own vineyards located in General Roca, Upper Valley of Rio Negro, Patagonia Argentina.

Harvest: End of February. Carefully harvested by hand. Immediately sent to the winery in small containers, distant 2 km from the vineyard.

Yield: 90 Q hectare.

Elaboration: Charmat method.

Tasting notes: Soft bright pink with purplish tints, with intense fruity notes and predominance of red fruits such as plums, berries and raspberries. The balance between its sweetness and its acidity gives it the necessary freshness and makes it attractive to consume at any time.

Pairing: Ideal as an aperitif or to accompany desserts, blue cheeses, fruits and dried doughs.

Service Temperature: Between 4 ° and 6 ° C

Technical Data:
Alcohol: 12.0 Vol
Total acidity: 5.0 gr/L
Residual Sugar: 6.30 gr/L
PH: 3.1