German Barzi Bio

Bodega Humberto Canale

Germán Barzi


german barzi b canale

What I do.

Strategic Financial Planning is the task of determining how a will afford to achieve the strategic goals and objectives of the Company. Also, the marketing coordination in the production and distribution chain of fruits.

Favorite wine Memory

The wines of the Old Vineyard line, where each bottle is associated with a grandson of my father.

Favorite Pairing

Patagonic Lam with Humberto Canale Gran Reserva Merlot.

First job

Painting baseboards at the age of 12 in Bodega Humberto Canale

What makes you proud of Humberto Canale

The commitment of all those who make up the company to do every day excellent quality products, which are international and national recognized, leading the viticulture of the Upper valley of Rio Negro.


To be astonished and marvel exceedingly, with natural cycles year after year and share it with my family.

Your retreat.

In Patagonia, with more time to fish, always enjoying good wines.