bodega humberto canale


The skin’s quick contact with the must results in this attractive salmon-colored wine. This wine is identified with young people and especially with the female audience. It is ideal for sharing with friends at pre-meal times, in receptions or in welcome drinks.


bodega humberto canale

Humberto Canale Blush

Composition: Merlot 100

Origin: They are own vineyards located in the upper valley of Rio Negro in the Argentinean Patagonia.

Harvest: Mid-March. Manual.

Yield: 9,000 Kg/hectare.

Elaboration: After the contact period of 36 to 48 hs necessary for colour extraction, the liquid phase of the pomaces (seeds and skins) is separated without exerting pressure. This grape must be dried with the use of cold and pectolytic enzymes and then fermented at low temperatures (15 ° 17 °c) for a period of 12 to 15 days. After the alcoholic fermentation begins, the processes of clarification, filtration and stabilization necessary for bottling as early as possible to ensure the preservation of freshness of the product.

Save: 2 years.

Tasting notes: Attractive salmon color, fruity notes like cherries, and raspberries. Soft, silky, harmonious and gentle.

Pairing: Ideal to share with friends at receptions or welcome drinks; also with fresh salads; seafood; fish and cold pasta.

Service Temperature: Between 5 ° and 7 ° C

Technical data
Alcohol: 11.5 Vol
Total acidity: 5.85 gr/L
Residual Sugar: 35 gr/l