BARZI CANALE Blend de Familia

Bodega Humberto Canale

Note: The Triumph of Bacchus.

BARZI CANALE FAMILY'S BLEND, Humberto Canale's new wine-making adventure.

Note: The Triumph of Bacchus

-April 29, 2019-

The winery gave birth to BARZI CANALE FAMILY’S BLEND , an innovative and exclusive product after 110 years of Patagonian viticulture, the largest exponent of the winery. “It was designed based on four varieties of grapes from our Premium vineyards, Malbec (37%), Merlot (33%), Cabernet Franc (19%) and Petit Verdot (11%), the latter variety providing subtlety to the wine, providing greater complexity and structure,” says Guillo.

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