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About us

Patagonia is our place in the world, where our roots, values and our concept of family are. Through our wines we count who we are, the present of five generations elaborating wines in the region of the upper valley of Rio Negro.

Bodega Humberto Canale

“Guillermo Barzi Canale is today the soul of the oldest and most important winery in Patagonia. He lives the dream of his uncle, Humberto Canale, the founder of this centennial company.

Wine Route/ Diario Rio Negro

After more than five decades leading the family winery Humberto Canale, Guillermo Barzi today is accompanied by the next generation, which is committed to respect the same human and ethical values that have guided our company along the years.

Efficiency and austerity in all processes
Commitment to the community
Sustainability with the environment
Profitability as the only way to achieve our mission.

Who we are:
The present of five generations

With a centenary past

Our story begins with the arrival of Humberto Canale to Río Negro, uncle of Guillermo Barzi Canale and it is closely linked to the growth of Argentina and the productive development of Patagonia, a project that was possible with the arrival of the railway to the southernmost lands of the world and to the construction of the irrigation system of the upper valley of Rio Negro at the beginning of 1900.

Humberto Canale’s sharp gaze in those days led him to acquire 400 hectares in an inhospitable territory and to import the necessary tools to develop in the region a relevant viticulture. In 1912 the vineyards were implanted and in the mid-twentieth century the image of the family winery was already consolidated.

... And with the view in the future